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Prof. Wang Youliang

Abschlussbericht, Prof. Wang Youliang, Direktor Musikhochschule Baotou, Innere Mongolei

Beate Gracher : Abenteuer China


The lecture of vocal music by Ms. Beata, soprano from German, is held in Baotou Normal College from Oct.15 to Oct.17. During the three days, there are forums between teachers, lectures and academic communication concert, etc.. Ms. Beata gives vivid instructions on the concept of music, phonation, opear performance, style of works with advanced teaching idea, Her teaching is precise and innovative, which benefit the teachers and students in Conservatory of Music and the philharmonic.


In the concert, Professor Beata sings four songs. With the beautiful melody, her singing, mild, smooth, and relieve, deeply impresses the audience. Mr. Wang Youliang, dean of our college, confirms the international communication in art, as an innovative way, and hopes to deepen the communication further. Ms. Li Hongmei also expresses her wish for more cooperation with Berlin Universith of the Art.  She also thanks the professors for their effort on the lecture and communication, for the contribution on art exchange between China and Germany. She sincerely invites them for further teaching in future. The concert is a complete success.

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